What is Hashchat?

HashChat is a twitter app developed to provide an enthralling twitter experience. Features like #Rooms, QuickIntro, Attendees and Trending Topics make the application unique amongst all other twitter apps and helps one in using twitter more productively.

How it Works?

HashChat Creates a virtual chatroom out of tweets. Every message sent in the chatroom is posted as tweet. All tweets with hashtag are displayed beautifully as a conversation.

App runs on which platform?

The app currently runs on android platform and will be available for iPhone and Windows Mobile very soon.

How do i get a twitter account?

To sign up for Twitter, please visit http://twitter.com/signup

How can I find Users in app?

Tap on the ‘Search’ button on home screen, search with the username in text field. Once search results appear, tap on "Users".

How do i log out?

  • Get to the the home screen of the app.
  • Press the menu button on the device.
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on "Log out"

Does it work on Android Tablets?

Yes, HashChat is designed for all screen sizes. It looks even more beautiful on a tablet screen!

What Android version it requires?

HashChat is available on all Android versions which are 2.2 and onward. If you are facing any problem in your device and are not able to use HashChat, please report us. Let us know your device name, android version and the precise problem you are facing.