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#askJayPark Jayyy 😔 come to Brazil !!! 🇧🇷 I promise we will make you very happy ... you have audience here ❤️ and… https://t.co/F53i4la292
@JAYBUMAOM #askJAYPARK Please. Lol I love you sorry I missed your fanchat again for the past 7 years. Goodnight. https://t.co/zDj6a4qCS1
@JAYBUMAOM #askJAYPARK I just end my work from night shift duty. What can I do to stay awake while I am on the way back home?
How many hours in the night do you usually sleep? #askJayPark
Will there be other guest than the ones annouced for Toronto? :0 #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM #askJAYPARK can we just grab a drink after your atl show? For real though
@JAYBUMAOM #askJAYPARK how does the Korean Music biz differ from the U.S.A? Like royalties, deals I've always wondered.
Frío o calor ?❤️ #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM what’s your favorite social media platform to use when you communicate with fans? #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM #askJayPark come to brazil neném
Cheetos or doritos? #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM #askJayPark I need to know, why this hair style? and how did you manage to breath next to this goddess? https://t.co/5r3jwHJxjO
@JAYBUMAOM Brazil loves you, and you love Brazil? 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️ #askJayPark
AOMG tour in Brazil pleasee #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM do you want to get some more tattoo? yesterday was my birthday, where are my congratulations? ahahah i love you ❤️ #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM You and my inspiration to be a songwriter #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM will you yes say if i'll ask you to marry me? 😂 #askJAYPARK
..omg i just deeped the fact that I was 9 when Jay made his twt account... 9. im now 18 @JAYBUMAOM #askJayPark https://t.co/G2vUuFwGsi
@JAYBUMAOM quando você vem para o Brasil amado? #askJAYPARK
#askjaypark Tour in Brazil wHeN?
@JAYBUMAOM #askJayPark when are you coming to Brazil?? 🙂
@JAYBUMAOM Can you give me just one night with you?! Haha #askJAYPARK 😘💞
@JAYBUMAOM Will the Leafs win tonight? #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM what has been your greatest year as an artist? #askJayPark
send me a few minneapolis tickets honey 😚#askJAYPARK https://t.co/lUSh7aj17c
@JAYBUMAOM When to turn to Brazil? 🇧🇷🇧🇷♥️♥️ #askjaypark
@JAYBUMAOM Can we get matching tattoos while you in chicago or nah? #askJayPark https://t.co/0hWZzxlXKT
@JAYBUMAOM Air Jordan’s which ones your fave: Red, White or Black??? #askJAYPARK
How are u feeling today #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM What kind of farm animal would you like to have as a pet? (Personally I'd choose duck🦆) #askJayPark
favorite kim petras song? #askJayPark
@stephanieslag @JAYBUMAOM all we need is mommae 2.0 #askJayPark
#askJAYPARK @JAYBUMAOM if you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?
@JAYBUMAOM what’s your favorite movie? #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM #askjaypark So are you done already because I'm having a panic attack I wish I could be on time for one of these things.
@JAYBUMAOM Yo quick question, boobs or booty? #askJayPark https://t.co/ccgkCJ8IIA
@JAYBUMAOM I love how cute you are trying to reach my brother album?? At the concert in La 😂😂😂😂😂 #askJAYPARK
@JAYBUMAOM Hi, I heard this is where I can get professional lessons on how to throw it back. Please get back to me… https://t.co/L8ixTTrBXY
@JAYBUMAOM I have nothing to say other than: I appreciate your hard work and effort. I wanna hug you 💕💕 #askJayPark
What’s your favorite song at the moment? #askJayPark
#askjaypark @JAYBUMAOM do you like to cook?
What’s it like being the hottest man alive??? #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM who’s your favorite AOMG artist? #askJayPark
Of course Jay does a #askJAYPARK while I’m at work 🙄
#askJAYPARK @jaybumaom 7 years and I have missed literally every fanchat with you https://t.co/mdwPQXw0QJ
#askJayPark is he ok
@JAYBUMAOM Just wanted to say the SEXY4EVA Tour’s amazing. Keep that energy sir #askJAYPARK https://t.co/LXAcAqskkS
#askJayPark why are you so handsome?
@JAYBUMAOM Cereal first or milk first ? #askJAYPARK
@JAYBUMAOM how it feels like being in your mentions for #askjaypark 🤡 https://t.co/wrWbumihKi
@JAYBUMAOM fuckin legend #askJayPark
@JAYBUMAOM Man, i feel bad because you still do your best eventhough you getting a cold 🥶 #askjaypark
Wanna help a girl out??👀 @JAYBUMAOM #AskJayPark https://t.co/2uH0MnW6VA
yo tell our bestest boy pH1 that he needs to take Poland into consideration when he will be planning a tour cuz dam… https://t.co/j5U2pbuKKT
@JAYBUMAOM I waiting you came to Brazil #askJayPark https://t.co/b4ThyaC4sr
#askJayPark come to my home please, thank you https://t.co/6uQomumPzM
@JAYBUMAOM been trying to get you to reply for exactly 59 minutes so imma call it a night✊🏼😔 but ily and keep on be… https://t.co/uOKaEJoKUh
@JAYBUMAOM #askJayPark would you slap me for a taco
how tall are you?...the internet be lying #askJayPark
#askJayPark are you excited to come to Sydney 🥺
@JAYBUMAOM What was your favorite song to write? #askJAYPARK
@JAYBUMAOM #askJayPark so...are u ever gonna come to boston.....????? soon??
@JAYBUMAOM I think you’re cute 🥺💕 Stop hurting my heart #askJayPark
Jay when tf are you coming to Mexico and live in my apartment? #askJAYPARK
@JAYBUMAOM will u ever stop being swaggy bro? #swaggy4eva #askJAYPARK