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Top Tweets in #SAvSL

@el_cee17 I am over the moon! I didn't give our boys any chance but they have proved me and many people wrong! This… https://t.co/5vXFdie0Ey
Now Sri Lanka become the first Asian team to win a Test series in South Africa. #SAVSL
First ASIAN side to win test series in SA. well done🇱🇰 #SAvSL https://t.co/j8VkVXLw4G
SA can be defeated in SA without sandpaper. #SAvSL #Cricket
Disappointed. #SAVSL ........ Work on your batting.......
Congratulations srilanka Well played #SAvSL
I (@buviwrites) wrote this column on @TheRoarSports a month back on the Away Test Victories! Give it a read!… https://t.co/EdizVcWwGk
Sri Lanka ke jeet be ke bad rasel Arnold ne kaha - mendis is better than Kohli, and Sri Lanka is a strong candidate… https://t.co/60uawhzLUz
Winning test series against a top class SA side is something else.. Congrats @OfficialSLC #SAvSL
Teams winning series in South Africa since re-admission: Australia (1997,2002,2006,2009,2014) England (2004-05, 20… https://t.co/UKEMpRJAnS
People were suggesting stripping Sri Lanka of test status a few days ago. How do you like us now 😆 #SAvSL
Highest targets chased down by SL: 388 v Zim, Colombo RPS, 2017 352 v SA, Colombo PSS, 2006 326 v Zim, Colombo SSC,… https://t.co/FJKLsD0tVV
Oof. Oof. Oof. But hey: "it's just Sri Lanka" right? #SAvSL https://t.co/RJ6KLhbe5E
18 wicketless overs for Dale Steyn- the longest for him without a wicket in a home Test. #SAvSL
In the last five years, Sri Lanka have won four Test matches against South Africa. The only team to beat the Protea… https://t.co/dYTJXEhcl1
Highest partnerships for SL in 4th innings: 216 R Dias - D Mendis 4th wkt v Ind Kandy 1985 189*A de Silva - A Ranat… https://t.co/a7Yt8tzOSb
Test series victories in South Africa by visiting sides 11 by England from Mar 1889 to Jan 2016 10 by Australia fro… https://t.co/sptq2X9sQq
Already looks like a great year for the Test cricket! First @windiescricket and now @OfficialSLC played against the odds. #WIvENG #SAvSL
தென் ஆபிரிக்க மண்ணில் வரலாற்று சாதனை படைத்த இலங்கையின் இளம் சிங்கங்கள்.#SAல் தொடரை வென்ற முதல் ஆசிய அணி எனும் பெரு… https://t.co/8wtpnoqaFL
#Respect for Srilanka Cricket Team! #SAvSL
A first ever golden duck for Amla in a career spanning 124 Tests. 18 wicketless overs for Styen - the most by him i… https://t.co/cvGESJ0muA
Congratulations to Cricket Sri Lanka for the series win. It goes without saying that you were so resilient and show… https://t.co/qhaBy12sV6
#SAvSL we lost within 3 days.
- Hammered in 2nd Test in NZ - Beaten easily 2-0 in AUS - No one gave them a chance One hell of an effort by Sri… https://t.co/9pQSDnJqh8
#SAvSL excellent win by SL but please don't compare with world cup like @imVkohli did after winning the Australia series
What the golden generations of Ind, Pak, and SL couldn't do, these nondescript cricketers from SL have achieved in… https://t.co/ed6B4vk9Fl
@fernandoharin Congratulations team! Not just first South Asian side but only the 3rd side - after England and Aust… https://t.co/eJVJVFnq7o