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@GretaThunberg in #HowDareYou konuşması yüzümüze büyük bir tokat ! Şimdi bu kızın solcuların yeni kuklası olduğu… https://t.co/MmaxPmMBO3
Greta is going to have me reaching for the pitchforks, man. #HowDareYou Tears in my eyes, for real.
#HowDareYou usa an china,india not included lol , what a show
Great Spirit ! Well, I pray she does not become another Malala. #HowDareYou
#GretaThurnberg is perfect example of child exploitation by left liberals for their selfish interests. #HowDareYou
How dare you!!!# Criticise us for being passionate empathic and morally responsible human beings when you pretend… https://t.co/ICyRIt2Hng
If possessing the clarity of mind to know what words need saying, then the presence of mind to deliver those words… https://t.co/rDDrahgA8Z
Growth is PART of LIfe, Nature is HEART of Life. Save Nature for Generations to come. -BeOnTopMedia Quote #HowDareYou
#HowDareYou Greta, claim people are stealing your childhood when you're freely giving it away by volunteering your… https://t.co/NFrisalqXB
As #GretaThurnberg did her impassioned #HowDareYou speech the onslaught began so we don't get sensible debate - jus… https://t.co/80oDxCMyxs
Auf dem Rücken der Vielflieger-Partei kämpft in Deutschland eine Generation für Klimaschutz, die sich nicht in eine… https://t.co/cEdiX1Vklm
So many liberal Wokes triggered by people who are realistic about what #ClimateChange is. The puppet that is… https://t.co/60AMmFNxvf