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Top Tweets in #AIForALL

Catch Peter Wihman in conversation with @BDJFuturist at #NASSCOM_TLF, where they discuss how modern organizations n… https://t.co/lvR4k3dDu7
Is #AI elitist? This article by @HarvardBiz is onto something... https://t.co/5CcPEln7Eu #AIforall
Technology is rapidly disrupting the financial industry and will continue to do so⚡⚡, check how elite investors use… https://t.co/ip8B2eRuen
@sharannagaraj @MicrosoftIndia @sangeetagupta29 Here are different ways in which we’re empowering farmers with… https://t.co/5VOIuPkca0
@sangeetagupta29 Back in September 2018, 7 organizations from India were given the #MicrosoftAI for Earth grant to… https://t.co/Dupnu8cvUS
@sangeetagupta29 Our AI for Earth program puts Microsoft cloud and #MicrosoftAI tools in the hands of those working… https://t.co/A9I5q7XDYC
@sangeetagupta29 3. protecting refugees and displaced people; 4. promoting respect for human rights. #AIForAll #Nasscom_TLF 5/7
@sangeetagupta29 Our recently announced AI for Humanitarian Action program would be focused on harnessing… https://t.co/NZFIitljXq
@sangeetagupta29 #SeeingAI helps people with visual impairment to see the world around them. This ongoing research… https://t.co/3AuYUCMpi5
@sangeetagupta29 Through the AI for Accessibility program, Microsoft is focused on empowering organizations and dev… https://t.co/y5HNQydkhI
@sangeetagupta29 Over the past 18 months, Microsoft has been investing in AI for Good programs that lower the barri… https://t.co/uVLspmiync
.@Future_Generali is leveraging #MicrosoftAI to elevate the experience of its customers. Catch us at #Nasscom_TLF t… https://t.co/jvlzKCJGj3
It’s not too late to join the #AI bandwagon, Yes! even if you’re not a #techie. More at: https://t.co/vtreIh8gr7https://t.co/TzeDXUCEUQ
Associate Fellow @urvashi_aneja comments on #India’s #AIForAll strategy. Read: https://t.co/3PX1MmE3u9 https://t.co/OispO8O9dE
Doctors at @HospitalsApollo are using #MicrosoftAI to predict coronary ailments in advance. More from Arvind Sivara… https://t.co/6zP1EljYX2
At the second edition of #AccessibilitySummit - Empowering for Inclusion hosted by @MicrosoftIndia, @sethirishab14https://t.co/0lDdkmqrNG
Catch Peter Wihman in conversation with @BDJFuturist at #NASSCOM_TLF, where they discuss how modern organizations n… https://t.co/J6RqMjHT1w
@sangeetagupta29 Thank you, @sangeetagupta29. Looking forward to continuing the conversation on #AIforAll at #NASSCOM_TLF
@sangeetagupta29 3. Building a future ready workforce & 4. Creating a sustained societal impact. #Nasscom_TLF #AIForAll 5/5
@sangeetagupta29 In India we’re making this real by building upon four key pillars: 1. Enabling transformation acro… https://t.co/eDF8SsbGDI
@sangeetagupta29 We are establishing Microsoft as the leading AI partner to customers, governments and communities… https://t.co/YuLO7RHjse
@sangeetagupta29 A whole generation of Indians are coming online for the first time, getting access to informatio… https://t.co/kyJGimLPD0
@sangeetagupta29 As the fastest growing economy with the second largest population in the world, India has a signif… https://t.co/7hkinckrQe
@RohiniSrivathsa, summing up, what is@MicrosoftIndia’s approach to make AI real for India and enable inclusive grow… https://t.co/DByNM7q8ni
@sangeetagupta29 We have invested in multiple global programs to involve institutions to leverage AI for… https://t.co/axVJw1cpJQ
@PrashantMNemani @MicrosoftIndia @sangeetagupta29 AI in Agriculture solutions have been deployed in Madhya Pradesh,… https://t.co/5UExHoroCZ
@debjani_ghosh_ @sangeetagupta29 @MicrosoftIndia @srlcare Every individual, organization and ultimately society wil… https://t.co/hf5iYYmoaF
@debjani_ghosh_ @sangeetagupta29 @MicrosoftIndia @srlcare Microsoft has offered a framework for Ethics of AI that i… https://t.co/7f8wgQsRvK
@RohiniSrivathsa, how are you leveraging AI to drive societal good with your efforts around Environment, Humanitari… https://t.co/uhSKMUnWBa
@SidChess18 @sangeetagupta29 We’ve teamed up with different Government bodies to help farmers get the maximum yield… https://t.co/yqrIeP9qW6
@sangeetagupta29 @RohiniSrivathsa @MicrosoftIndia @srlcare What are the design principles for #AIforAll? In a coun… https://t.co/bFnVp9i6jL
One of the oldest industries meeting one of the latest trends in the field of technology. @RohiniSrivathsa, how is… https://t.co/aO4z4f3H1U
@RohiniSrivathsa @MicrosoftIndia @srlcare One of the oldest industries meeting one of the latest trends in the fiel… https://t.co/xD03eyeauB
@RohiniSrivathsa @MicrosoftIndia @srlcare Thank you. We’re discussing the implications of #AIForAll with… https://t.co/OZ0PKtSpfK
@sangeetagupta29 @MicrosoftIndia We’ve teamed up with @SRLCare to help detect symptoms of chronic diseases like can… https://t.co/MeOz86BKyj
@sangeetagupta29 @MicrosoftIndia Doctors @HospitalsApollo have built a cardiac risk score using #MicrosoftAIhttps://t.co/lVWdkemtXY
@sangeetagupta29 @MicrosoftIndia Eye specialists at Forus Health are using #MicrosoftAI to predict and prevent blin… https://t.co/c7PXAMNRZN
@sangeetagupta29 @MicrosoftIndia @NarayanaHealth is leveraging Data Analytics & #MicrosoftAI to make quality health… https://t.co/B9ilQzcfNQ
@RohiniSrivathsa @MicrosoftIndia How is @MicrosoftIndia partnering with the healthcare industry in India to acceler… https://t.co/bqVOO7bG8Q
How to use AI to reduce/optimize Consumer demand for food. I believe to solve sustainability issues, demand contro… https://t.co/yzPdhqPyDO
@sangeetagupta29 @MicrosoftIndia Our AI platform is a set of tools, services and infrastructure that enable custome… https://t.co/tBc6pKkdpe
@sangeetagupta29 @MicrosoftIndia We are democratizing AI by making the technology used to build AI applications on… https://t.co/hA224Xa07K