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@HashChatMe: Best twitter app for #Events and #Conferences!

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The Best twitter App to have with you for Events and Conferences

HashChat creates a virtual Chatroom out of tweets, hashtags and people talking about an Event or Conference. Quickly introduce yourself to people you meet during Events and get back to them later with HashChat's "QuickIntro". HashChat is also a fully featured twitter app with a design and user interface that touches simplicity with beauty.



Creates a Chatroom from the Hashtag of an event, conference or a trending topic. #rooms lists the current existing hash rooms being used and where you can join in. You also have the freedom to create new #rooms.


There are many instances when we meet someone at a conference or at a meeting for while and we wish to stay connected. QuickIntro does just that! By introducing you to the people you meet with all the contact details you wish to reveal. It also helps to keep a track of the people you meet.


List out all the people in the #rooms. So you can see their profiles, meet, connect and grow your network.

Twitter Features

HashChat is a beautiful full-featured Twitter app. HashChat has all twitter functions and much more!

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